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Buy Apple products with Unique Discounts (Up to 50%)

Updated: May 23, 2022

Alright! this article is for Apple Fans. Either the charisma of Steve Jobs or the superior quality of the Apple products itself or its durability or security features of the Apple OS or may be the combo of all of it, which makes Apple products more desirable even at such premium prices. And, its a well known fact that Apple rarely offers discounts or coupons on their products compared to other electronics manufacturers.

This article has links to products and if you purchase by clicking these links, we may get small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Pricing and Availability are subject to change.

Even during Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales, there are hardly any exciting offers from Apple. Only other option would be to steal a deal through authorized Apple product sellers, credit cards offers and holiday season offers at major electronic outlets like Amazon, Costco, Bestbuy etc...

And, we will just do that in his article. We will share tips on how to secure discounts on Apple products which is hard to get. And, out of the options listed, you may be eligible for all, part of it based on the credit cards you use or merchant sites you prefer to shop. Also, few offers may allow you to combine to get more discounts. Lets deep dive.

With growing technology and innovation, there are new version of electronic products every year. Apple has consistently released new products every year and announced during their WWDC world forum with new technologies and products. To complement that many tech enthusiasts are too eager to try new products every year. And, when it comes to Apple Fanboys, there is no stop for them to upgrade to a newer version. Our sincere advise is to upgrade to a newer version only if it serves your purpose. Never do impulsive buying. Be Smart and always compare the features between your existing device v/s it's newer version. It may not be a sweet deal at all to upgrade and rather a smart decision to stick to your

current iphone or ipad.

Anyways, with an assumption that you are in the market for a new Apple device, though we are not at great advantage in easily finding discounts for Apple products, we will find some opportunities which will make it worth a while exploring these options below. Few offer really great discounts and worth the buy for the value you are getting. Btw, rule is simple, Do not buy any product if it is really not a necessity. Providing below options are just to share ideas on how to find discounted prices and not influencing you to buy stuffs if it is not a NEED.

Lets take an example, I was planning to buy a Apple MacBook Pro, I was finding it at $1,499 at Apple website with no discounts. Where as the same product was listed at $1,399.0 at Amazon and also had additional discount of $149.01 at checkout, bringing the total price down to $1249.99. This price is valid at the time of posting this article. The discount will expire as it is for limited time. Please check the actual price at the merchant site. Now, on top of $1249.99 discount price, we will learn how to secure additional discounts through cashback, credit card points/rewards.

Option 1: Costco, Samsclub or any other wholesales club

  • For example at Costco, In addition to getting 2% cashback by being Executive Member, you get warranty extended to 2 years. And, another interesting perk, if you have a Costco Citi Credit card, warranty is extended by 2 more years. A very very valuable perk. This 4 years Warranty on a Apple product is worth $250 and Above

  • Now, more interesting part, if you have Chase freedom card, after making purchase at Costco, you can redeem your reward points with 10% more value. Sweet Deal!

  1. Log in to your ultimate Rewards account.

  2. Navigate to redeem Rewards points.

  3. Look for Redeem Rewards for Department stores, Wholesale clubs for 10% more value.

  • If you don't have Chase Freedom Credit card, you can apply one here

Option 2 :

  • With excellent customer service at Amazon, you can never go wrong in buying products from Amazon. And, the benefits of Prime membership gives more

confidence in our purchases.

  • Using Amazon Visa Signature Card earns you 3% cashback as points for purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods Market. It has Zero Annual Fees. You can learn more about this card at

  • At Amazon, one of the key perks is "Shop with Points", the ability to use our credit card points/rewards to buy products directly at Amazon, provided you have enrolled your card. Addition to it, few of the rewards points offer additional discounts while redeeming them. This offer is account specific and may not be available all the time and it is limited in quantity.

American Express Membership points - If you have linked your credit card at Amazon checkout to shop with points at Amazon, you may be eligible for the offer. You can enroll or verify at this link

Additional to Amazon, Amex may also offer discounts as part of their AMEX Offers section. You need to login to the Amex website and look under Offers Section. This is randomly made available to Users and have to manually add the offer ( if available ) before making the purchase

Chase Ultimate Rewards - If you have linked your credit card at Amazon checkout to shop with points at Amazon, you may be eligible for the offer. You can enroll or verify at this link -

Discover Card Bonus Points - If you have linked your credit card at Amazon checkout to shop with points at Amazon, you may be eligible for the offer. You can enroll or verify at this link -

Option 3: Credit card Quarterly 5% Cashback Offers :

Both Discover and Chase credit card offer 5% cashback on purchases based on the categories listed in each Quarter. You can save upto $75 on top of your discounts at merchant site by using your Discover or Chase Freedom Credit card

  • Discover card - You get 5% cashback for all purchases at Amazon, Target, Walmart or by using Paypal etc... Typically offered during holiday season Q4 (October to December) of a given year. Interesting part, if it is a new Discover card and still in your first year, you get 10% cashback. Real Sweet :). You should enroll your card to the Quarterly 5% cashback offer before shopping to be eligible to earn the bonus points/cashback.

  • Chase Freedom Card - Similar to Discover Card, Chase also offers the 5% cashback each quarter based on the categories. Surprisingly their current category has purchases made at ( April 1 to June 30'2022 ). Keep a watch on their announcements as they announce new categories for every Quarter.

Option 4: Using Chase Credit card ( 10-50% discount )

  • If you have Chase Freedom card, Chase Rewards points are worth up to 10% more when you redeem for any Apple products( iPhone, MacBook, iPad, watch etc... )

  • Similarly, if you have Chase Sapphire Credit Card, Chase Rewards points are worth between 10-50% more when you redeem for any Apple products( iPhone, MacBook, iPad, watch etc...( Limited time Offer ). Follow below steps to check if you are eligible.

  1. Login your Chase Account

  2. Go to Ultimate Rewards

  3. Scroll down to see "Your points are worth 10% or 25% or 50% more". Yes, good number o users are eligible for whooping 50% worth more for their points

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