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Earn Rebates and shop for FREE at Major Stores, including Amazon

Updated: May 22, 2022

If you are a frequent shopper at Costco or Samsclub, you would have noticed (pre-Covid) many counters across the warehouse offering FREE samples of the products. Mostly edible items like packed foods, fruit juice, dairy products, burgers, etc…

This article has links to products and if you purchase by clicking these links, we may get small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Pricing and Availability are subject to change.

Now, what if I say you can try out a shirt, jeans, watch, beauty products, kitchen accessories, bedding items, Auto Accessories etc… and after you try, you get to keep the items for yourself for FREE or at a very deeply discounted price off the Retail value? Would you believe it? Ofcourse Not. But, continue reading this article to learn how to grab all such items for FREE or at a discount price. Now, You may wonder how or Why any would offer it for FREE?

Want to know how? If any of the below questions is YES, then be prepared to be awed with huge list of items which are made available FREE ( unlimited ) and at deeply discounted prices

  1. Do you Shop Online? ( Amazon or Walmart or Etsy or Ebay, etc.. ) ?

  2. Do you like Quality Products?

  3. Do you want those products (in almost all categories ) FREE of cost or at great Discounts?

If Yes, then RebateKey and Rebaid are two impressive websites which

facilitate those products to be made available for FREE to you. It has products under Home, Household, Apparels, Electronics, Sporting, Auto, kids/baby sections, Toys, Health, Supplements and Many more. Follow these 3 Steps.

Step 1 : Sign Up

  1. Sign up at RebateKey and Rebaid using your Email ID

  2. Only one account per household Address

  3. Your account will be verified before you can place the orders

Step 2: Finding your products or discounts

  1. Once your account is verified, you can start browsing list of items on both RebateKey and Rebaid

  2. Refer to below screenshots which as sample list of items offered for FREE

  3. You can either search or filter to find the relevant products or discounts. Max amount of discount will be 100% based on the product

  4. Another important point is these products are in limited number and made available at specific time in a day. If it is a popular product, you may have to be quick in claiming that Rebate

Step 3: How to get products for FREE(Rebate) or secure discounts

This is a very important step

  1. The items which you browse on RebateKey or Rebaid are the products offered from Amazon ( Majority of the products), Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, etc…

  2. Once you click the Rebate button and navigate off, all the purchases you make will never be on RebateKey or Rebaid, but instead on respective merchant sites ( you shop like any other online shopping you generally do )

  3. You are routed to respective Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy stores to the product page and you complete the order and note down the Order#

  4. When you had navigated off RebateKey / Rebaid, your session will get kicked in for 1hr ( RebateKey ) and 2hours ( Rebaid ), within which, you need to complete the purchase and submit the Order# for approval

  5. Approval happens instantly if submitted in that session duration.

  6. Once approved and after 30 days of purchase, you will receive Rebate amount ( Cashback ) in the chosen mode of payment ( RebateKey - Mailed Check, Paypal, Gift Cards; Rebaid - Direct Deposit to Bank account, Mailed Check ).

Now, You may wonder how or Why any would offer it for FREE?

Well, my story resonates with what Rebaid and Rebatekey is offering. When I had started my boutique shop 5 years ago, I used to offer 1 dress or cosmetic products FREE for every 100 of my products sold, through various interactive process. It used to help me in engaging my Customers and get new customers as well. It was a quote of appreciation from my side and at the same time, it helped bring more customers.

Same logic applies here. All of the products are offered by 3rd party sellers having their stores and products on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy. By offering these products at discount or FREE, they tend to achieve below

  • Part of their Marketing strategy to bring in new Customers for their other line of products

  • Anticipation of product review on the merchant site

  • Getting rid of overstock items or clearance items

Warning: Do NOT get Addicted. There are 1000s of items offered FREE and at discounted prices. Do NOT do impulsive Shopping. Shop only if it is really needed. Else, It will be a Clutter at Home.

If you reached end of this blog and keen to learn about daily deals, please visit this page

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