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Amazon Baby Welcome Box - FREE ( $35 worth )

Updated: May 25, 2022

Congratulations on the good news! Lot of emotions are involved during the entire timeline from pregnancy till your bundle of joys joins you and your family. We will explain how to secure a $35 worth FREE Amazon Baby Welcome Box in this article.

As part of this article, we have provided with few product links. If you buy items by clicking those links, we may earn a small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

While there is lot of excitement in the family and house, being prepared for the new arrival is very important and helps reduce stress to the mother and loved ones at home. It will be quite hard to run around stores to grab stuffs when needed urgent or to even make time, effort and energy to do in-store shopping.

To help ease with this situation, of course there are many online options to order and deliver to home with a single click. But today, we will talk about the options we have which can make the entire process seamless, stress free and less burden on the family members.

Addition to it, there are few perks which will be a surprise welcome and bring more cheer to your face. Yes, We are talking about the Baby Registry feature available at almost all the major department stores and their ease to add any item to the Registry. It also gives access to friends and family to edit the list and let the magic happen as items are ordered online and delivered to your home.

Among all the stores, Amazon Baby Registry with Amazon Prime membership stands out as a leader for few reasons

  1. A $35 worth FREE Welcome Box - It has surprise items in the box which are of great use to the new born and the parents

  2. Once the registry setup is complete, Amazon sends out a coupon offering 15% Discount. You will have to be a Prime member. You can use the discount on up to two orders with a combined value of $2,000 ($300.00 discount with Prime Membership)

  3. Group Gifting - Amazon allows a unique perk in Baby registry. Suppose a item on the list is of a higher price tag, it provides an option for members to contribute to one item and gift it as a Group.

  4. Universal Registry - Another unique feature from Amazon. Though it may appear its not in best interest for Amazon to allow items from other stores to be part of your baby registry, but Amazon comes out as a leader by keeping your comfort in mind. Suppose, you liked an item from another store than Amazon, you can add an item from their site to your registry at Amazon, thus make your experience as pleasant as possible.

  5. And, importantly most of the items which were purchased from the registry are eligible for 90 day return policy. Yes, not many online retailers offer this.

  6. You can review the FAQs at this link -

Now, after learning the unique benefits of signing up for Baby Registry at Amazon, lets review the steps to be followed to get this FREE Welcome Box with $35 worth of items

  1. Sign Up for Baby Registry using your Amazon Prime Account

  2. Link to Baby Registry Sign Up -

  3. Suppose you are not a Amazon Prime Member, you can sign up for one here and also offers FREE 30 day Trial membership - Link :

  4. Once the Registry Sign Up is complete, now start adding your list of items to your Registry. There are various categories to choose from. Please do pick at least one item for each of the category

  5. Now, your account will be eligible to receive a FREE Welcome box as soon you make your first order from your registry with a minimum of $10 worth of items

  6. Once the order is placed and order is fully shipped, you then be able to see an option to Claim your FREE Welcome Box.

  7. Once you are eligible, you will see a “Claim Now” button on both the Benefits and Welcome Box pages of your Baby Registry. Click the ‘Claim Now’ button to add the Welcome Box to your cart. In Checkout, be sure the ‘Use your $35.00 Promotional balance’ check box is selected in order to receive your Welcome Box for free. If this box is not selected at Checkout, you will not receive the Welcome Box for free. Note that this is a limited time offer, good while supplies last."

  8. Look for an email confirmation of the order for Welcome box being place. Confirm that you have redeemed the offer.

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